Attorney Ned Tonner has handled the following types of divorce and family law cases:

Petition for dissolution of marriage.
Petition to modify change of custody.
Petition to modify the terms or obligations of a prior divorce.
Contempt proceedings against a party who has failed to follow the terms and obligations as set forth in the divorce decree.
Emergency petitions regarding visitation and change of custody.
Modifications regarding child support.
Modifications to change visitation times and places.
Temporary restraining order against ex-spouse or others to stop harassing conduct.

Generally, in Indiana, in order to file a petition for dissolution of marriage, you must have lived in the county that you wish to file in for the three months prior to the date of filing, and you must have lived in the State of Indiana the six months prior to filing thereto. There is also a requirement in Indiana that the petitioner may not be pregnant at the time of filing. There must also be an allegation that the marriage should be dissolved due to irreconcilable differences. Attorney Tonner will file all necessary documents to initiate a dissolution or divorce proceeding, including the filing of the petition for dissolution of marriage, summons, appearance, temporary restraining order and a request for a provisional hearing, if necessary, whereby the court will temporarily decide matters such as: who will receive temporary custody of the children of the marriage; who will pay child support; who will live in the marital residence during the pendency of the divorce; who will receive which vehicle and; who will pay which debts during the pendency of the divorce proceeding.

Once the divorce papers have been filed in Indiana, a party must wait a minimum of 60 days before finalizing a divorce. In the event the parties agree on all aspects of the divorce, the parties may reach an out-of-court settlement through the filing of a Property Settlement Agreement which sets forth all issues concerning the divorce.