Real Estate

Ned Tonner, Attorney at Law, is a licensed Title Agent through Attorney Title Guarantee (ATG) and is licensed through the State of Indiana Department of Insurance.  The firm provides title and mortgage insurance, prepares warranty and quitclaim deeds and real estate contracts and conducts real estate closings though its licensed closing agents.

Attorney Ned Tonner has handled several different types of real estate transactions, which include the following:

Contracts to purchase real estate.
Contracts for the conditional sale of real estate (buying property on contract).
Affidavits to transfer real estate.
Warranty Deeds.
Quit-Claim Deeds.
Actions to sever or partition a parcel of land.
Litigation regarding real estate, including defective home or construction cases

Some individuals elect to sell their own real estate, and often need assistance to complete the necessary transactional work. Once the terms of a sale have been agreed upon, the parties will then execute a real estate contract. There are different types of contracts, depending on whether the sale will be made in a lump sum, or whether the purchase price will be paid over a number of years. Attorney Tonner is able to assist you in the drafting of any and all necessary contracts.

Once the contract has been executed, the parties will usually undertake to finance the purchase, which may take up to 60 days. Typically, the seller of a parcel of real estate is required to provide title insurance to the buyer, guaranteeing that the seller does indeed hold good title to the property in question. The seller is typically responsible for the cost of the title insurance. The seller is also responsible for the cost associated with the preparation of the warranty or quit-claim deed. The buyer may elect to have the property surveyed, at the buyer's expense, and may have other inspections performed at the buyer's request and expense. Typically, the parties equally share the costs of closing. Real Estate taxes are also prorated up to the date of closing.

Attorney Tonner works closely with local banks and title insurance companies in order to assist the client in completing all transactions. Please contact Attorney Tonner to discuss your options.

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These and other questions can be answered through a consultation with Attorney Tonner. Please contact him to schedule an appointment.